5 steps to fight Israel’s Apartheid

Mark with us the 1st anniversary of the Global South Response

July 3rd will mark a year since the launch of the Global South response– a solidarity effort from Asia, Africa and Latin America, launched at the time of Israel’s attempt to turn de facto into de jure annexation, and responding to the Palestinian civil society call for effective measures against Israel’s apartheid.

A year on, Global South civil society is more united and determined in pressuring governments and international institutions to respect the Palestinian demands of a UN investigation into Israel’s apartheid, accountability for complicit businesses, supporting the ICC’s probe into Israel’s war crimes, and lawful targeted sanctions. Our history of anti colonial struggles, revolutions, and present efforts to achieve real and meaningful decolonization bring us in organic solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination.

As we mark one year of this pivotal effort which is making its way into larger movements of social justice and international institutions, we invite you to join the Global South struggle against Israel’ apartheid through these 5-steps:

  1. Mobilize MPs, jurists, current and former diplomats and ministers of your country to endorse the Global South Response. Urge them to join 10 ex-Presidents and over 700 MPs who are calling for justice and accountability against Israeli apartheid. 
  2. Encourage trade unions, NGOs, social, cultural, academic and business establishments to become an Apartheid Free Zone (AFZ). Endorse the declaration, print the sticker, and make space for Palestinian rights!
  3. Join our 3 regional webinars for Asia, Africa and Latin America. Better still – join all 3, if possible!
  4. Organize a protest action (following local Covid protection protocol)
  5. Encourage musicians and artists to support the cultural and academic boycott of Israel and share their solidarity message through video performances. Let their music sing for Palestinian freedom.
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